Students Prepare for DC Trip

By: Callie Russell ’24

     As February comes to an end, the eleventh-grade American Studies class is on their last stretch of preparation for their three-day, two-night trip to Washington, D.C. Due to Covid-19 restrictions, last year’s students, unfortunately, weren’t able to partake, so getting the “all clear” from the administration this year was terrific news. 

     The March 5-7 trip, run by Mrs. Stevens and Mrs. Taborsak, is looking to be an incredible experience to share with classmates. Fifty students and five teacher chaperones will be in attendance. 

     “Students should prepare themselves for the changing weather,” Mrs. Stevens advised.  “If a day starts out warm, by the time the sun goes down the temperature can drop significantly [Students should] bring layers, including hats and gloves, so that they are prepared no matter what.” 

     Students traveling to Washington, D.C. soon will witness first-hand history while visiting monumental sites within our nation’s capital and viewing the beautiful architecture, memorials and museums. This will be a special trip for the eleventh-grade American Studies class; without a doubt that will create ever-lasting memories. 

“There isn’t one specific place, but rather it’s getting a chance to watch our students have the opportunity to really see history come alive. It’s one thing to hear about a historical topic, but it really reinforces your learning when you can see an actual artifact in person,” Mrs. Stevens explained.