Third Adaptive Scheduler Day Added to Wildcat Time

By: Taral Dave ’26

  During the second semester, the Wildcat Committee is implementing an additional academic advisory period. Starting after February break, students will be able to attend three academic adaptive scheduler days each week rather than the usual two. 

     “When we come back from February break it’ll be on Wednesday and from there we’ll have it three times a week,” said Mrs. Kenney,  co-chair of the Wildcat Committee along with Mr. Fox and Mr. Salvador. Students can expect the new academic Wildcat period every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday after the President’s day break.

     “The reason was from feedback from the other faculty members and the students that they found value in those days for being able to meet with their teachers and get extra help,” said Mrs. Kenney. 

The new advisory period will allow students to get further additional support and help them succeed in school.

     “Three academic periods would be much more helpful so that we can have more opportunities with different teachers,” said Sofia Allen ‘26. Students are excited about the new academic period and the opportunity to get more learning time with their teachers. 

     “We still have a couple of challenges a month for getting to know your advisory and hanging out with them. And usually two or three character-strong lessons a month,” said Mrs. Kenney. Although another academic advisory was added, students can continue to expect Character Strong lessons and challenges during the regular advisory periods. 

     Students and staff agree that having three academic advisories would be beneficial for anyone requiring extra help. The new Wildcat period will help students grow and positively impact their academic performance.