Names Can Really Hurt Us Assembly to be Held on April 5

Nushreth Bhuiyan ‘24
Staff Writer


The Anti-Defamation League is an organization that works to prevent bullying and name-calling.
Potential perpetrators may commit an action they think is a joke.
However, the imprint they make can last for decades; words create a permanent stain on self-esteem and self-appreciation. Therefore it is imperative to stress the importance of ensuring that people put thought behind their words.
Bethel High school is fortunate to experience a presentation from the ADL, where grade 10 students will participate in an all-day workshop to collaborate and learn the importance of how names and words can hurt.
The April 5 assembly will consist of a workshop in the auditorium as soon as sophomores arrive at school. Students will be asked to put away their cell phones to ensure the privacy of later activities where some students will have the opportunity to share a glimpse of their lives and how they may have been hurt by the words or actions of a perpetrator. Students will then go to their advisories or lunch, depending on which comes first.
After, they will head back to the auditorium to close their day.
The entire workshop has been prepared by student facilitators who strive to end the use of derogatory terms as they are aware of the long-term impact.
“I decided to be a facilitator since I was aware of all the hurtful experiences students may have encountered,” said Elizabeth Lombardi ‘24.
In the past, many students have shared experiences where they have either been victims of name-calling or bystanders where they wished they could have intervened.
“Being a facilitator gives an opportunity to inspire other students to stop being bystanders when they see bullying and speak up,” said Lee Cetinski ‘24.
Students must know that it is never too late to right a wrong.
“The Names Can Hurt Us assembly allows students to reflect on past occurrences where they have been bullied, the perpetrator or the bystander,” said Grace Vitarelli ‘24.
Most people have played all roles. And while there is nothing to be ashamed of, students must reflect so they can view their peers as equals and treat everyone kindly.
Negative names should never be used to insult another student, even if they are used as a joke.
The Names Can Really Hurt Us assembly, co-partnered with student facilitators and the Peer Leadership class at Bethel High School will allow students to share their experiences and further expand their understanding of the value of no-name calling.