End of Year Senior Activities

By: Olivia Cantadori ‘23
      As the school year comes to an early end this year, seniors can look forward to activities and events previously withheld due to the pandemic. With college admissions over and many seniors already planning their lives outside of high school, the graduating class is anticipating an end filled with celebration.
        Starting in the final weeks of May, students who have taken four years of math can look forward to the Lake Compounce field trip on the 31, which celebrates the work done throughout high school, and additionally serves to encourage underclassmen to take on their fourth year of college.
      “I’m really looking forward to the math trip, especially after all the AP testing,” said Suhani Kashyup ‘23. “It’s nice to see that after everything we’ve had to do, we’ll be able to have fun.”
     Following close afterward, June 1 is class night where students will be given important information about graduation. Class night will also serve as a time for students to look back on their high school experiences, with the help of yearbooks and a video being prepared out of photos provided by friends and peers.
         June 2 is the class trip to Holiday Hills, where students will be able to enjoy the summer weather with activities like swimming and equestrian riding.
      “I’m so excited to go horseback riding, even if it costs a bit more,” said Brooke Lohle ‘23 .“I think this trip will be a great time for bonding. It’s one of the last times I’ll be able to see these people and have fun.”
          Finally, seniors have early exams this year to accommodate the graduation date on June 13. Seniors will be expected to arrive at the school’s Track and Field Training Center at 4:45 pm and park in the middle school parking lot. The ceremony will begin at 6 pm. There will be a rehearsal on the day before, June 12 at 12:15, students will also report to the Track and Field Training Center.
         After graduation, seniors will embark on their after-high school plans, whether that’s to travel or work before college. In these final weeks of school, students can finally take the time to enjoy the rewards for their hard work and efforts.