Summer Reading Roll Out

By: Taral Dave ‘26

The summer reading assignments for students enrolled in honors and AP courses have recently been announced! 

English 11 will be reading To Kill a Mockingbird, and a book of their choice. The assignment involves detailed note-taking.

For students who plan on taking English 21, Life of Pi and With the Fire on High will be their assigned reading. Students will be tasked with writing hand-written notes that reflect critical thinking, followed by in-class written assessments at the start of the school year. 

“The English 21 assignment sounds interesting!” said Nadine Carlson ‘26. 

The English 31 and English 41 assignments are yet to be announced. “I am still waiting for some of the Honors/AP assignments to be finalized so that they can also be posted,” said Ms. Wismar, the library media specialist. The AP summer work has now been posted, however, English 31 and 41 are yet to be finalized. 

AP Literature and Composition will be reading The Kite Runner, Purple Hibiscus, and a free choice book! Upcoming AP Language and Composition students will be reading The Crucible and Educated. Both APs will be taking specific notes on their respective texts, followed by in-class writing assignments. 

For more in-depth details on any of the above summer reading assignments, check out the BHS Reads website! There, you can find current details on the summer reading program. English 31 and English 41 students’ assignments will also be posted on this website once finalized. The website can be found on the Library Learning Commons Website under “Books and Ebooks”.