An Interview with Ryan Conroy by Evan

Evan Wagman, Journalism Student

For people who don’t know what the senior show is, it is a big show with a bunch of different skits performed by seniors who want to raise money for the senior prom.
My friend Ryan Conroy performed in the senior show. Here is what he says about his experience in the show.

In the senior show Ryan played a sports kid in the “Not in our School Man” skit, Adam Sandler in a “Jeopardy” skit, and Mr. Bibeau in a skit called “Myth Busters.”

He had fun in the senior show. Ryan says, “Yes, I had a lot of fun. We practiced a lot and I think it came out very well.“

Ryan’s favorite part of the show was the celebrity Jeopardy skit because he played Adam Sandler which made the audience laugh the most. “I had a great time playing that character. Plus all of the other characters were funny in that skit.”

Ryan admits, “It was a lot better than I thought it would be and also me and all of the fans thought it was very funny.”

I learned from this interview that I missed a great show that I would like to see again next year.