Humans of Bethel: Volume I


Kendall Meenan

Jillian KelseyJul Schaedler

Why do you carry these elements around?

“They have healing properties that keep us stable. They’re soothing, they’re calming. They have nice little vibes to them.”

Jul Schaedler ’16 and Jillian Kelsey ’16 (right to left)


Mallory Bruno

“It started in middle school when I wanted to try out for the play but then I chickened out and did crew instead, leading up to me becoming the stage manager years after that.”

What motivates you to be the stage manager of the middle school show?

“Working with the kids is probably what motivates me. Middle school wasn’t really the best years for anyone so I guess being a role model towards them might inspire them. Also, they are very young and have so many hopes and aspirations which makes me inspired.”

Mallory Bruno ’15


Andre, Chris, Eric

What does your robot have to do?

“Lift a cube that’s one pound, it’s disgustingly heavy. The goal is to get it to five feet to fit everything on the skyrise.”

Eric Pereira ’15, Chris Michaelides ’15, Andre Morais ’16 (right to left)


Photos Taken by: Kendall Meenan