Aries– Try channeling your energy and optimism into something worthwhile this holiday! Maybe volunteer to wrap gifts for a charity organization fundraiser or hand out gifts to the homeless.


Taurus – Your practicality is telling you to stay home and do your homework this New Year’s, but try and get it done early so you have some time for fun this year! I promise it will pay off.


Gemini – Your reckless and playful nature could get you into trouble this year, Gemini. Your parents might not find your prank gift as funny as you do.


Cancer – The elves will eat you alive. There’s no escaping it.


Leo – Even though you generally love being in the limelight (usually with good reason), you might not want to be too out-there this year (Just a warning, that new karaoke number you were gonna perform on New Year’s, might need some more practice).


Virgo – Even though you are often a skeptic, do not underestimate those threats of prank gifts from your family. Trust me.


Libra – Your laid-back nature could get you in some trouble this holiday season. Have fun, but don’t forget about your obligations (aka your homework).


Scorpio -Your magnetic charm might do you good this holiday, and you may find yourself entering the New Year with some new relationships.


Sagittarius– Your enthusiasm for the holiday season will not be disappointed! You will get all you wished for and more!


Capricorn– Your practicality may inhibit you from allowing yourself some fun relaxation time this winter break! Remember to take some time for yourself to have fun with your family. You may not know it yet, but you’re a charades master.


Aquarius– You might find that your creativity will serve you well this holiday season when it comes to last minute gifts.


Pisces – It might be in your best interest to find yourself some mistletoe; you have a romantic holiday season in store!